What to Expect


Most evaluations span from approximately 9am-3:30pm, including interview, testing, and breaks. This varies with age and reason for testing. A parent or guardian should plan to remain on-site for pediatric evaluations. Scoring, interpretation, and report-writing are completed after the visit. 


I am an out-of-network provider;  payment is due at the time of service. Prior to the visit, contact your plan to determine out-of-network reimbursement for neuropsychological (CPT 96116, 96132, 96133, 96136, 96137) & psychological (CPT 90791, 96130, 96131, 96136, 96137) testing. A detailed receipt is provided. Insurers do not cover evaluations for learning disabilities or academic concerns. 


A one hour feedback session will be scheduled approximately three weeks after the testing day. Young children should not attend.  A comprehensive report will be provided during or shortly after the feedback. 

What to Bring

All medications should be taken as prescribed on the day of testing. Be sure to also bring glasses, hearing aids, or any other required items. Bring copies of all prior evaluations (psychological, neuropsychological, school). 


Obtain good rest the night before. Tell children the day includes talking, listening, answering questions and problem-solving. Breaks are provided as needed. Parents are not permitted in the room during administration of standardized tests, with rare exceptions for very young children

School Involvement

For pediatric evaluations, teachers may be asked to provide data. School visits, observations, and attendance at school meetings are not included. These can be arranged for additional fees.